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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Personal Focus Wall

My county adopted Houghton Mifflin Reading many years ago.  I've used the focus wall located in my pages above and love that the kids would refer to wall.  I've decided to rethink the sheets this summer to conserve on paper and allow a new twist.

At times the kids become a little distracting when getting in and out of their seat.  I have an open classroom and welcome the kids to any resource or supply they need without asking but we all know there is a student that will try to evade their work.  I decided to incorporate the focus wall on their office.  I currently use the office for test so that students aren't tempted to have roaming eyes.  How about a personal focus wall?

Today I created a sample of the office.  I stapled two file folders together.  This year I stapled close to the edge to allow more space. 

Next I cut off the edge of a pocket protector since the whole punched side for notebooks will not be needed.  I stapled the sheet protector to the inside of the office. 

Each week the kids will rotate out a new focus wall.  The old wall will go in their language arts folder (reading, skills, and writing). 

This will become a collection of words and strategies for the kids to use as reference at workstations, independent reading, or writing.  My intentions are to create a sheet for each genre of writing with a rubric and editing marks, each module for math with strategies and vocabulary, and science.  Here is a preview of the first focus sheet created. 

Theme 1 Dragon Gets By

The fun didn't stop here.  I worked on all my cabinets today.  I will have to go back up to school tomorrow to add all my labels I created during the math workstations previous post.  Check out how organized and neat...

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