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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Postcard Exchange

It's time to sign up for a postcard exchange!  The basic idea is to enlist 50 school teachers, one in each US state, and get their class to commit to writing and sending out 50 postcards. 

You'll need to send out 49 postcards to each state participating (you are the 50th).  This does require you to purchase postcards and stamps.  

If you find 25¢ postcards, that will be $12.50 in postcards, 40¢ postcards will run you $20, and 95¢ postcards will cost you $47.50.

Postcard stamps are 29¢ each, so the 50 stamps are going to cost $14.50.

Ms. Mathes and I would like to open up a postcard exchange to classrooms with a blog so that we can read blog post updates with pictures of cards received. 

The exchange is open on the first come, first serve basis.  Participants will include an introduction to their classroom and a fact about their state.  We would also like to include a line "want to learn more about _______, just Skype us at _____" OR "want to learn more about ______, just contact us at _______".

We would like all participants to mail out their postcards by the end of October.  The deadline is set to allow correspondence between participants through blogs, email, or Skype.  

Are you hooked?  Link here and see if your state is available and details on how to join the postcard exchange!  


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